Membership Information is Available

Here is some information on memberships at the Pagosa Climbing Gym.

Memberships will be $40 per month. For insurance purposes, only gym members will be allowed to use the gym. (No “guests” allowed with members – guests will need to purchase a membership.)

Please remember that the Pagosa Climbing Gym is a nonprofit initiative. Insurance is one of the biggest costs, along with the facility location rental and equipment. Membership revenue is what will sustain this gym. Your monthly membership will ensure that the gym is available for year-round indoor climbing!

Gym Rules are as follows:

  • Absolutely no climbing without a signed liability and rules form completed and full membership dues are paid.
  • Until PCI is a fully staffed operation it will be exclusive to adults over 18, except for special events.
  • There are no “guests” at the PCI. All climbers must be members. Anyone bringing nonpaying members or sharing the entrance code will have their membership terminated immediately, without chance of renewal. They will not be reimbursed membership fees.
  • Membership dues must be current to climb. Fines and/or penalties may assessed for climbing on an expired membership.
  • Drugs and/or alcohol should not be used while climbing and are prohibited inside the gym.
  • Be respectful of others, this includes language, music, and wall time.
  • You must exercise care, common sense and self-preservation at all times.
  • Report any problems with the walls, equipment or other climbers’ behavior to a PCI Board Member immediately.
  • Be aware of the other climbers around you and how your actions will affect them.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the gym.
  • This is a club, it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself.